"How would Wilder do it?"


Piacentino by birth.

His interest in movies brings him, at the age of fifteen, to work in a video production company in Rome, where he first plays the role of "handyman" and then that of assistant director.

At twenty-two he graduates at the DAMS of Bologna, where he refines his knowledge in the history of cinema (and drugs). While studying at the university, where he graduates with a controversial (according to him) and boring (according to everyone) thesis: “The italian cinema and the Brigate Rosse”, he works as assistant director, for advertising and for some musicals on stage in the major Italian theaters (these are also the years when he realizes that he does not know how to write like Billy Wilder and does not have the genius of Orson Welles).

From the age of twenty-four, he directs and produces all kinds of films.

He graduates at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Milan, and today he directs films of every kind and for all different medias (except for the radio!!!).